Our mission

Is water bad for you health? Of course not! What makes us sick are the added toxic chemicals such as chlorine, magnesium and calcium that directly affect the well being of our skin, hair and nails... And even our respiratory system!

Sanaté arises with the vision of promoting our well-being and improving the physical health of our body in the simplest and most economical way possible: filtering the water in our homes.

Water with minerals (unfiltered water) is loaded with unwanted chemicals, it is common in all our homes and is the root of problems such as excessive dryness in both skin and hair... Which can later evolve into problems! acne, premature aging, dandruff and split ends!

We invest large amounts of money in products and treatments (which contain chemicals, plastic containers, and by the way are super expensive), to moisturize our skin and hair, without even having solved the initial problem that is directly in our showers.

At Sanaté we seek the benefits of water in its most natural state… One shower at a time!

Start by reducing the contaminants in your showers and you will automatically feel the difference of the benefits of pure, fresh and natural water.