Benefits of a shower water purifier

Beneficios de un purificador de agua para la ducha

The shower water purifier is an element that is present in more and more homes as time goes by. This is because it is a device specifically designed to protect the health and well-being of people who are exposed, due to their place of residence, to the different toxic chemicals used to sanitize water.

Each place has different processes that are applied to clean water, with the aim that it reaches homes in the healthiest and most bacteria-free way possible. However, many of the products that are incorporated to achieve this goal end up having negative consequences on the health of people who are constantly exposed to them. An example of this is chlorine.

It is known that one of the quintessential chemicals used to clean and disinfect water is chlorine. This can have negative repercussions for people's skin and hair, as well as having consequences for the respiratory tract, in addition to increasing the chances of developing asthmatic episodes. For this reason, we are going to tell you about the benefits of incorporating a water purifier in Panama and what characteristics these devices have.

What does a shower water purifier do?

The first thing we must say is that installing a water purifier in Panama is an opportunity to have peace of mind that the health and well-being of all members of a household is being cared for. This is because, in the short term, the water filter or purifier takes care of the eyes from irritation and redness caused by chlorine, while it takes care of the skin and hair from dryness and the damage that chemicals cause in these parts of the body.

Although it is true that today there are different types of water filters for the shower, it is best to opt for those that have several filtration phases. These phases are made up of elements that treat a particular contaminant or chemical in the water, performing a special purification or cleaning task. In this way, when several components are put together in the same water purifier for the shower, what you get is a complete device that provides clean water and free of chemicals in its entirety so that you and your family can enjoy fresh and clean bathrooms.

Basically, what the shower water purifier does is install itself in the shower tube, absorbing the impurities that the water brings every time the user turns on the tap. In this way, each impurity is retained and absorbed by the corresponding phase, making the water come out of the tap free of these elements. Likewise, it avoids corrosion and prevents scale that can appear in the faucet, since the water comes out completely free of the components that can cause it.

The benefits of having a water purifier in Panama

Having a good water purifier for the shower plays a very important role today. It is what will allow you to enjoy purer and cleaner water, much more similar to the way in which it is offered to people by nature. This, in turn, ends up leading to a better quality of life.

In addition, there are other benefits of a water purifier in Panama that it is important to take into account and that we are going to tell you about below.

Reduce exposure to chlorine

Although there are many chemicals that are usually used to clean and disinfect the water that reaches homes, the truth is that chlorine is one of the most important. Different countries around the world, including Panama, use chlorine to clean the water and get people to get disinfected water in their homes.

Despite this, the truth is that chlorine has negative consequences for the skin, eyes, hair, and also for health in general, and can even cause respiratory problems.

For this reason, today many shower water filters that are offered have a chlorine filtering system, among other components. This allows them to absorb and remove chlorine from the water, avoiding exposure that can be harmful, especially with the frequency with which it occurs.

Prevents contact with fluoride

Along with chlorine, another of the chemicals present in drinking water in Panama is fluoride. This is added in measures that are considered beneficial for the teeth, but the truth is that different studies have shown its detrimental effect on the skin and bone health

, especially when there is constant contact, as is the case in the shower.

In the particular case of the skin, allergic reactions and toxic action of fluoride ions have been detected. For allergic reactions, these have been detected in situations that occur even with brief exposures and low doses, such as showering when there is fluoride in the mains water.

protect eyes

When there is the presence of a cleaning chemical in the water that is used every day, one of the most affected parts of the body are the eyes. The eye area is one of the most sensitive in the human body, and can become very irritated in contact with chemicals such as chlorine and others.

Therefore, the installation of a water purifier for the shower has an immediate effect on the protection of the eyes. This not only prevents them from becoming irritated, red and teary, but it is also a way to promote eye health and good vision for much longer.

It must be taken into account that many times the mistake is made of thinking that the redness of the eyes and their irritation are due to contact with the shampoo or other cleaning products. However, when there has not been such a contact, this situation can take place in the same way and be linked to the use of chlorinated water or other chemicals for sanitation.

Allows you to enjoy healthy skin

Despite the fact that its care often tends to be underestimated, the truth is that the skin is the largest organ in the human body. For this reason, protecting the skin from dryness and from the damage it can suffer from contact with chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals is very important to prevent it from suffering from diseases or from losing its protective capacity.

In this sense, the incorporation of a water purifier for the shower is essential, since it prevents chemicals and other toxic agents from reaching the skin. This, in the context of the shower where the skin is the organ permanently exposed to these components, as is the moment of bathing.

Some of the problems that can be prevented in this way are dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, irritation and dry skin problems that can also lead to flaking and a greater predisposition to suffer injuries.

take care of the hair

Hair is closely related to the health of the skin in general. When it is exposed to chemicals such as chlorine and others used in water sanitation, it can suffer scalp irritations that lead to itching and discomfort, while it can develop dandruff. Many times, the two main causes of these problems are chlorine and lime.

By eliminating chlorine through the water purifier in Panama, what is achieved as an immediate effect is hair protected from dryness. In addition, the shine and softness that it should have is restored, while it becomes increasingly resistant.

But that's not all, because by retaining and eliminating other components such as limescale, the damage that its contact with the skin and hair can cause is avoided. This, taking into account that purifiers today work by retaining both chemicals and contaminants from the water.

Protects the respiratory tract

When hot water is used, it vaporizes chlorine if it is not retained by a purifier. In this way, the contact no longer occurs only on the skin, but can also be inhaled, considerably affecting the health of the respiratory tract.

In this sense, filtering the water through a water purifier for the shower is essential for all people, in order to avoid the consequences of inhaling chlorine. However, the importance of this increases in homes where there are children or people who have a certain predisposition or risk of suffering from bronchitis or asthma. Something to keep in mind is that, due to its ability to circulate and diffuse, filtering chlorine from the water is also a way of keeping the general air in the home in good condition, since it will not come out of the shower and, therefore, it will not be able to spread throughout the rest of the house.

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