Characteristics that your shower water filter must have

Características que debe tener tu filtro de agua para ducha

The moment of taking a shower is something that should be relaxing and pleasant for all people. In addition, it is a self-care practice that people carry out in order to take care of our health and well-being and go through the day to day always fresh. For this reason, shower water filters have become great allies at this time of day.

If we think about the various chemicals that reach the human body through the water network, the moment of the shower is no longer something comfortable and careful to become a risk. This is because constant exposure to different chemicals, especially chlorine, can not only cause dry skin and hair, but also the possibility of respiratory problems.

For this reason, we are going to talk about water filters in Panama, their benefits and the characteristics that a good water filter must have in order to protect you and your family at the time of showering each day.

What is a shower filter?

To begin, we are going to define what we are talking about when we refer to shower water filters. As its name indicates, it is a water filtration system that protects the skin and hair from irritation and dryness through an action that consists of absorbing chlorine and other chemicals from the water, preventing them from coming into contact with people.

In other words, it is a filtration device that reduces irritating and toxic agents in water such as chlorine and chloramines, passing them through filtration media that are installed inside the device. This is placed, in turn, in the shower, allowing the water that reaches the house network to first pass through the filter and then arrive purified to the people who are using the shower.

Once purchased, shower water filters are connected to the shower mixer. In general, these are very easy to install components that do not require complex plumbing knowledge, nor tools that are for professional use. On the contrary, the filters are designed to be installed by the users themselves quickly and easily, so that they can begin to benefit from their advantages immediately.

What do good shower water filters contain?

In order for them to work correctly, the filters must have different elements that are in charge of the different layers and phases of filtering that the devices offer. In this sense, what each filter contains varies depending on the brand and model in particular.

In the case of Sanaté, for example, some of the components of its shower water filters that make it work excellently to eliminate the different polluting agents in the water are:

  • Sand filter:
  • As its name indicates, the sand filter is in charge of directly blocking the entry of large sediments such as sand and lime into the filtration shower head.

  • Stainless steel mesh:
  • It is the one that is in charge of capturing medium-sized sediments that may be circulating in the water.

  • Microporous PP cotton:
  • Once the previous components have successfully performed their function, it is the turn of the microporous PP cotton. This is the one that is in charge of trapping the small sediments, dust and other baseness that the water may have.

  • Average redox:
  • In this case, we are referring to a component that reduces scale and also the presence of chlorine in water, which is one of the most toxic elements for the human body.

  • Calcium Sulfite:
  • It is the one that deals with reducing the concentration of chlorine, along with the previous one, but both in cold and hot water.

    Along with the features mentioned above, Sanaté's shower water filters once again incorporate microporous PP cotton. This time, it is the one in charge of preventing filtering substances or captured sediments from leaving the Duca water treatment plant.

    An ultra-fine stainless steel mesh is also re-incorporated to keep the cotton filter in place and prevent medium-sized sediment from entering the filter unit when the cartridge is upside down. Finally, Sanaté's filters force the water through vitamin C, which is one of the best molecules for removing chlorine from water.

    Advantages of water filters in Panama

    Installing water filters in Panama is a growing trend. This is because the country's water contains various chemicals that are incorporated into treatment plants and water treatment plants. Among the different chemicals that are added to the water at this point, one of the most frequent is chlorine.

    Various studies show that frequent contact with chlorine, such as a daily shower or bath, has great implications for the health of the skin, hair, and nails. It can negatively impact generating dryness and hair loss. In addition, in more sensitive skin it can cause allergic reactions. At the same time, this contact can lead to respiratory problems and other health problems for people.

    Considering this, some of the main advantages of shower water filters are the following:

    Protects sensitive skin and skin in general

    We have previously said that people with sensitive skin are the ones who can be most affected by constant contact with chlorine, having symptoms such as irritation and rash. In addition, if the exposure is prolonged, it can end up affecting the mucous membranes and areas of the body. This is something that is frequently seen, especially in children, since they tend to have more delicate skin.

    In this sense, placing a water filter for the shower at home is an opportunity to filter at least 90% of chlorine from the water, enjoying shower water free of germs and bacteria, but also free of chlorine and other chemicals that are harmful to people's skin.

    However, it is important to note that this is not a problem suffered only by people with sensitive skin who are prone to various types of allergies. People with normal skin can also suffer the consequences of frequent exposure to chlorine. Therefore, the filter is a protection for all humans.

    Take care of the health and color of the hair

    When washing the hair with water with chemicals such as chlorine, it can begin to lose shine, softness, strength, as well as it can begin to break and even fall out. Added to this, in the cases of people who have bleached and dyed hair with semi-permanent dyes, their hair becomes sensitive to chlorine and water that has a high pH.

    Therefore, if you are in this situation, it is important to go to filters that can prevent hair from being washed with chlorinated water. This will have an immediate impact on the aesthetics and health of the hair, since the color will remain in perfect condition for longer, while at the same time it will remain hydrated, strong and soft.

    Optimize the use of resources in the home

    Finally, another of the advantages that we can highlight of the incorporation of a water filter for the shower in the house, has to do with the possibility of optimizing the resources inside. This is because the filter allows you to avoid buying a water tank that is specially dedicated to purifying this vital liquid. In addition, the constant expense in purchases of attachments aimed at achieving clean water is avoided.

    In addition, it should be noted that the water filter is an inexpensive element that has a useful life of approximately six months. Therefore, its installation is an opportunity to have clean and healthy water for a long time for all family members.

    This is a safe investment in which your family, your pocket and you will benefit; so do not hesitate for a moment to purchase this device in your home, we assure you that you will not regret it.

    If you are looking to incorporate good water filters for the shower in your home, Sanaté is your solution. Our company arose with the vision of promoting a solution to the problems generated by the poor state in which the water reaches homes and different establishments. In this way, filters were generated that facilitate access to water free of toxic chemicals, in order to enjoy this liquid in its natural state. Contact us! and acquire a filter tailored to your needs.
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