How to Choose Your Shower Water Filter?

¿Cómo Escoger tu Filtro de Agua para Ducha?

Shower water filters have become, over time, increasingly essential devices for homes. This is because they have a direct effect on people's health and well-being. They are the ones that allow us to return to the idea of ​​water as a natural and healthy element for the human being, thanks to the elimination of toxic components, chlorine and heavy minerals that have a negative impact on people.

Despite this, when the decision to incorporate a shower water filter is made, one of the most frequent questions has to do with which one to choose. For this reason, we are going to tell you about the common mistakes that you should avoid when choosing your new filter and some tips to keep in mind to make the best decision and enjoy the benefits of healthy showers without harmful effects.

Mistakes to avoid when choosing water filters for shower faucets

Before moving on to the guide to choose it, we want to talk about some errors that frequently appear when buying a shower water filter. Taking them into account will help you avoid them so as not to suffer the consequences of it. In this sense, some errors that we recommend you avoid are:

  1. Buy without knowing the water quality of the house

Although it is not essential since specialized companies know the particularities of drinking water in their region of influence and what chemicals it contains, it can be useful to know the quality of the water that reaches the home, in order to inform it when buying a shower filter .

In the particular case of Panama, the current legislation realizes that drinking water throughout the national territory has chlorine and fluoride.

  1. Observe only the price of the filter

When shopping for shower faucet water filters, many people tend to look directly at the final price of the filter. However, this factor may not be enough to make a good decision.

Sometimes, some filters can be more expensive but, for example, they do not represent installation costs, and can be easily installed by the users themselves. You will also need to consider whether the filter you are interested in has sensitive parts that are prone to breakage and may need repair. In addition, it will be necessary to observe shipping costs in case of buying online and costs of replacement and maintenance of cartridges or filter media.

  1. Not knowing the company from which you are going to buy the filter

The truth is that, today, there are many companies and brands of shower water filters that can be found. However, not all offer the same benefits or work under the same methodology and philosophy. For this reason, buying from any brand without knowing a little about it can end up being harmful in the long term.

What is recommended is to take a few minutes to read how each company works, in order to choose the one that best suits your housing goals and also your own ideals in terms of health care and water quality.

  1. Not knowing the housing needs

If there is something that is clear, it is that each shower is a world. This means that the installations vary and the taps can be very different from each other. Going to a store or buying a filter online without knowing what type of faucet or shower you have, how many people use the shower in the home and how many liters per minute that particular shower emits, can result in the choice not being the most appropriate and the filter not working optimally.

Therefore, at this point it is also recommended to spend some time observing the showers and faucets and taking note of their characteristics. You can also take pictures. In addition, you have to remember the number of people who live in the house, in order to calculate the use that is usually given to the shower.

Guide to choosing the best shower water filter

Now that we have seen the main mistakes that it is important to avoid when buying a shower water filter, we want to tell you what things you should take into account and how you can make the best decision for your home.

  1. Choose the material

Today, shower faucet water filters come in different materials, such as metal and plastic. While it is true that plastic ones tend to be cheaper and are easy to maintain, metal ones tend to be more durable. This is because the plastic can crack with use, especially if it is used frequently (for example, in the case of large families using the shower).

Instead, metal water filters are designed to be rust-free and tend to be stronger. In addition, your shower head is protected against deterioration and corrosion from permanent contact with water. This makes it an option that stays in perfect condition for longer, so its useful life is longer. No major maintenance, repairs or replacements are necessary in between.

  1. Opt for multiple layers of filtration

As we know, the water that reaches homes and is used for showers usually has different toxic and polluting components, from chlorine to heavy minerals and others. Therefore, the more complete the filter, the better it will be able to function by retaining all the harmful components that the water may have.

Many times, these filters are discriminated against for having a higher price. However, the truth is that the more layers of filtration the filter has, the healthier and more similar to nature will be the water that people bathe with every day. In this way, you can have the peace of mind that you are not being exposed to any type of harmful element.

  1. Choose adjustable filters

It is important that the shower filter that is purchased can be adjusted well to each particular faucet. Considering that today we find ourselves with an endless number of faucet designs in homes, it is very important that the filters can be well adjusted to these.

It is the adjustment that is going to allow the filter to work correctly. In the event that they do not have it, there may be water leaks with chemicals and harmful elements, so the shower will no longer be as healthy as expected thanks to its incorporation.

  1. Search filter with guarantee

Companies that offer guarantees on their products tend to be more serious and reliable. The guarantee gives users the peace of mind of being able to proceed with the exchange or return, in case there is any problem with the purchased device or that the filter does not adapt well to the needs of that particular shower.

For this reason, it is always recommended to investigate among the companies that are considered, opting for those that offer a guarantee on their filters.

  1. Choosing a filter that is easy to install

Something to keep in mind is that the shower filter is something that must be changed from time to time so that it can continue to offer the same good performance all the time and the showers continue to be healthy. In general, the estimated term is 6 months.

Therefore, it is recommended to choose a filter that is easy to install. This will save money on professional installations, while making it much more comfortable and easier to install the filter each time it has to be replaced at the end of the device's useful life cycle.


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