How to install your shower water filter?

¿Cómo instalar tu filtro de agua para ducha?

Today, when thinking about health care, it is increasingly common to put emphasis on the quality of the water used every day. However, with the passage of time, not only the water that is drunk has begun to be analyzed, but also that which is used for other things such as the daily shower. This is what led to the rise of shower faucet water filters.

Such filters have become considerably popular in recent years. More and more people and families who want to take care of themselves and their loved ones, turn to them in order to be sure that the water that is being used every day is healthy and does not cause damage to the health of any member of the family.

On this occasion, we are going to talk in particular about how to install a shower water filter and the steps to follow for it. You will see that it is a very simple procedure that is designed so that the users themselves can do it on their own if they wish, without the need to go to specialists or specific tools.

How do shower faucet water filters work?

Before moving on to how to install a water filter, we want to tell you how it works. In general, it is a shower head with filtration stages that is placed on the shower faucet to retain all the polluting and toxic components of the water, so that the person can bathe with clean water and as close as possible to the form in which it is sent by nature.

In this sense, what shower faucet water filters do is clean salts, chemical compounds and chlorine from the water that reaches people's skin. In addition, they retain and destroy viruses and bacteria, soften the water by removing lime and sand that it may contain, and level the acid-alkaline balance. In addition, the consumption of detergents and soaps is reduced, because, when bathing with cleaner water, these products are less necessary than in cases in which filters are not used to purify the water.

The work of the water filter

Understanding what was mentioned before, we can resume saying that the shower water filter is a component that is placed on the shower faucet. It is a cartridge with several compartments made of different materials; each of these compartments fulfills a particular role. For example, while one can retain lime and coarse salts, another is in charge of retaining the fine remains that have passed, while others are dedicated to retaining chlorine.

The main cleaning of the shower water is carried out by the sorbent material. What it is about is an ion exchange layer that is responsible for softening the liquid.

For this reason, thanks to its layers, once the cartridge is placed in the shower, all the user has to do is turn on the tap as they normally would and they don't have to worry about anything else; The filter will take care of cleaning the water every time it passes through it. Therefore, once it has been installed, people only need to proceed to bathe like every day. The only difference will be the quality of the water they will receive in each bath.

Steps to install a water filter

Now that we have seen how shower faucet water filters work, we are going to tell you what steps you must follow to install them. You will see that installing a water filter is something simple that takes a few steps and does not require the investment of a large amount of time, nor special materials or tools.

  1. rinse the filter

Before proceeding with its installation, the first thing to do is rinse the filter, letting hot water run in both directions. This is a quick thing to do, as you won't need to repeat it for more than a minute.

  1. Remove the shower head

The second step is applied to the shower and consists of removing its head. This is also something very easy to do, since it will only be necessary to give it a few turns. It is necessary to continue until only the metallic tube that composes it remains.

  1. add filter

When the head has been removed and the filter has been rinsed, it will continue to be added to the shower tube. It will be done by turning to the right until verifying that it has been firmly placed. However, it is very important not to overtighten.

  1. Put the head back

With the filter already installed, the next step will be to replace the shower head that was previously removed. As in the previous case, you have to turn it to the right until you verify that it is firm and, again, without pressing too much. If the shower head has not been properly positioned, it is something that will be noticed when you open the tap, because the pressure of the water itself will cause the head to move.

The steps mentioned above are the ones that must be followed to install the water filter. After this, we can add what is linked to maintenance. What is recommended to do is change the internal cartridge every four months preferably. In this way, it will be guaranteed that the filter continues to fulfill its function as expected, avoiding the risk of having baths with chlorine and other harmful chemicals again.

Frequently asked questions about shower filters

We have already seen previously how to install a water filter and how it works. Now, we are going to answer some of the frequent questions that tend to appear in relation to these devices.

Is it possible for a shower filter to reduce the water pressure?

Shower water filters are specially designed to be used without having an impact on the water pressure obtained in the home. Therefore, they have no effect on the normal flow of the shower head.

What must be taken into account is that the filters are usually classified according to the pressure range and the capacity of each particular shower. Therefore, it is recommended to know the characteristics of the shower in the house, in order to choose the filter that best suits each case.

Is a shower water filter capable of removing chloramines?

The answer is yes. However, it is not something that all filters can do. The truth is that the reduction of chloramine is something that requires a longer contact time between the water and the filtration system. In the case of the shower, it moves a large amount of water and at a very fast time, so a normal filter may not provide an effective response in this regard.

However, there are filters that are more powerful and are capable of removing chloramine. In general, it is recommended to go to those that have several filtration phases, because that is what will cause the water to go through more than one phase, managing to reduce a greater number of contaminants or chemicals inside before reaching the person's skin.

Among the filters that are capable of reducing chloramine in the water, those that have a filter with vitamin C (like ours!) stand out especially. This is because this vitamin is the best option to combat chloramine.

How long does a shower water filter last?

Finally, another of the questions that frequently appear in relation to shower water filters has to do with their duration or useful life. Generally, the useful life of these filters is four months, so it is recommended to change them once that time has passed.

However, the amount of use that is given to the shower should be taken as a factor to consider. Therefore, in the case of homes with multiple inhabitants, the more frequent flow of shower use can lead to the filter lasting a little less.

We are Sanaté , a company that arose with the vision of promoting a solution to the problems generated by the poor state in which the water reaches homes and different establishments in Panama. That is why, thanks to a long time of research and dedication, filters were generated that facilitate access to water free of toxic chemicals, in order to enjoy it in its natural state.
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