How do I know my Shower Needs a Filter?

¿Cómo sé que mi Ducha Necesita un Filtro?

Despite the fact that it is something that is becoming more and more widespread, there are still many doubts as to whether the shower filter is necessary or not and in what cases it may be. For this reason, on this occasion, we are going to talk in detail about in which cases a shower filter may be necessary and how you can identify that it can be useful for you and your family.

One of the ways to know if a shower filter is necessary or not, is to identify if we present symptoms of contact of the chemicals in the water with the skin. It must be taken into account that, in order for it to be drinkable and to be used and consumed by humans and domestic animals, the water must undergo certain treatments. Within these, one of the most common and that is used throughout the world has to do with chlorine, because it is the disinfectant par excellence to make water drinkable.

It must be taken into account that, for people who live in Panama and have drinking water, the use of a shower filter is essential. This is because 100% of the drinking water in Panama has chlorine, fluoride and also heavy metals.

The shower filter and the prevention of skin problems

When the skin is in permanent contact with chlorine as a result of not having a shower filter, it can begin to have different reactions. Let's think that the skin is the largest organ in the body but, in addition, it is a protective layer that takes care of the body from external agents such as bacteria or harmful chemical substances. This protective layer is what receives the name of Epidermis. By Epidermis we understand the external and visible shield of the skin, which presents great sensitivity despite acting as a protective barrier.

In order for the skin to be able to correctly perform this role assigned to it, it needs to be in good condition and maintain good hydration. For this reason, when it comes into contact with chlorine, this chemical contains sodium hypochlorite, which generates chemical reactions in the skin, while at the same time it can promote the loss of melanin and various irritations, dryness and swelling.

But that's not all, although chlorine can affect all skin types, this can be worse in those with atopic skin, since they are more sensitive to chlorine itself, since they have a skin barrier disorder. These people may manifest greater irritation and dryness in these cases. Therefore, if dryness is observed, if the skin tends to be irritated, if people with sensitive skin have allergic reactions after showering, this may be a sign that the shower needs a filter that retains chlorine and avoids contact with the skin.

hair damage

Another way to diagnose if a shower filter is needed is by evaluating the state of the hair. This is because regular contact with chlorine on the hair can have many negative consequences if the necessary care is not applied before and after exposure. Therefore, due to the damage that chlorine generates in these cases, it can begin to be observed that over time, more and more protective products are needed for this area of ​​the body when taking a shower.

Along with this signal, there are others that it is important to pay attention to in order to assess whether or not it is necessary to have a shower filter. If the hair starts to become drier and brittle, this may be related to contact with chlorinated water, as it has drying effects on the hair. In addition, for dyed or dyed hair, it can lose its color more quickly than in filtered water, and at the same time it can acquire a greenish tone. Finally, hair tends to become rough and porous and lose shine as a result of frequent contact with chlorine.

If you use a new shower and start to detect these types of symptoms over time, it may also be a sign that a shower filter is needed. This prevents chlorine and other components that are harmful to the hair from reaching it and may have the repercussions mentioned earlier in this blog.

Reactions or discomfort in the eyes

If the case of swimming pools is taken as an example, it is common to find that people who spend a long time in them or who swim with their eyes open have adverse reactions that can range from redness to discomfort, watery eyes or vision that is much more sensitive than normal to light. In this sense, it must be borne in mind that exposure to the shower is much more frequent, so the chlorine that comes out of the shower tap can have long-term repercussions on sight. In addition, in the shower it is not possible to use special glasses, so you will be facing direct and prolonged exposure.

For all this, another of the signs that can be taken and that may indicate that a shower filter is needed is if discomfort begins to manifest in the eyes or vision, for no other apparent reason that can explain it. In this case, it can be directly related to the use of the shower without a filter, allowing chlorine to pass through.

The effects may vary according to each case and the prolongation of exposure. But, in general, they can range from red eyes, increased sensitivity to light for no apparent reason, watery eyes, among others.

Respiratory problems

Finally, it is important to emphasize that chlorine does not only affect those parts of the body with which it has direct contact. When vaporized as a result of the use of hot water, it can enter the body through inhalation through the respiratory tract. Therefore, for healthy people who begin to manifest some irritation or respiratory problems, it may be a sign that it is necessary to incorporate a filter for the home shower.

In addition, people with a predisposition to respiratory problems or with asthmatic episodes are at greater risk in these cases. The inhalation of chlorine vapor can be harmful to health and cause a worsening of your usual condition. In these cases it is recommended to see a doctor who can evaluate the situation. At the same time, incorporating a shower filter can be the answer to ensure that the vapors generated by hot water will not contain chlorine or other chemicals that could be toxic, not only for people predisposed to respiratory infections, but also for children, who are more sensitive to external factors that could affect their health.

To do?

Given the scenarios mentioned above, the shower filter appears as an alternative that allows solving all the problems associated with contact of the skin or the body in general with chlorine from the domestic drinking water network. What it is about is a filtration device that is placed in the shower tube, before the tap, and that has modern purification systems that allow, once it passes through there, the water that comes out of the tap to be free of chlorine, chlorine, lead, heavy metals, lime, sand and other contaminants that frequently appear in drinking water.

The more complete the filter, the higher the purity of the water used in the shower. In this way, the benefits of disinfected and sanitized water from the water treatment plants will be maintained, but without the risks and consequences of chlorine on the skin, hair, nails, eyes and on the respiratory tract.


Today, everyone can benefit from incorporating a shower filter into their home. Also, if you experience any of the aforementioned situations, this may indicate that it is time to add it to prevent the problems from spreading and making them more difficult to revert. Therefore, having a shower filter that is complete and that has several filtration layers is what will give you the certainty and peace of mind that you are accessing clean and healthy water every day.

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