How long does a shower purifying water filter last?

¿Cuánto dura un filtro de agua purificador para ducha?

Today, the shower purifying water filter is increasingly implemented in homes. This is because it represents important benefits for health and well-being, as well as the peace of mind of feeling protected when showering. However, one of the questions that frequently arises in relation to this has to do with the useful life of these filters.

When you are enjoying the benefits of hard water shower filters, it is equally important to pay attention to the durability of these devices. This is because in order for the filter to function properly and continue to be beneficial to your skin, hair and general health, it needs to be in good condition. Therefore, below, we are going to talk about how long a shower purifying water filter lasts, to continue obtaining maximum performance and its corresponding benefits.

Why is it important to replace the shower filter?

Hard water shower filters are constantly exposed to the components of the water that you want to prevent. For this reason, and because they are not manufactured with technology that allows them to last for many years, it is important to pay attention to their useful life in order to replace them on time.

To understand why it is important to replace hard water shower filters, you have to think of it as if it were a sponge that absorbs the different components with which it comes into contact. Therefore, there comes a time when the filter can reach its maximum absorption capacity, ceasing to work from this point on. When this happens, it is necessary for the filter to get rid of what it has absorbed to start doing it again.

Over time, your shower water filter can trap so many different contaminants that it becomes clogged. With that, its ability to perform the filtering function begins to diminish. When this point is reached, if the same filter is still kept on for too long, the result may be that it stops working completely, requiring you to retire and use the shower without it. Therefore, it is always best to pay attention to the life of the filter and replace it before it reaches this point, so that exposure is not necessary.

When is it necessary to replace the shower purifying water filter?

Taking into account the aforementioned, the truth is that there is no set amount of time that can be applied equally to all water filters. Anyway, an average of 4 months is estimated.

However, something to keep in mind is that, in general, filter manufacturers have their own indications and recommendations regarding how often to change the filter. Therefore, although it is true that the average is every 6 months or after 10,000 gallons of use, the indications of each particular manufacturer should also be consulted.

It must be taken into account that some filters can last a year in perfect condition, but this will depend on the use that is given to it. Therefore, for those cases, it is also recommended to consult the user manual to estimate the gallons established as a limit for each particular filter.

What to observe before changing the shower filter?

Now that we have seen the average duration and useful life of water filters, we want to tell you what aspects you should pay attention to to determine whether or not it is time to make a change. Although it is true that the useful life of the filters is generally 6 months, there are also some signs that may indicate that it is time to proceed with the replacement. These are:

temperature range

The first aspect to consider is the temperature range. In this sense, it must be taken into account that standard shower water filters are capable of working perfectly in temperature ranges that oscillate between 20°C and 50°C.

Sometimes users may start to feel that the shower temperature is starting to get out of that range. If that happens, the first thing to do is check if there is any damage to the taps or pipes, or if a mistake has been made in choosing the general temperature in the home.

If none of these cases occurs, it may be thought that the temperature change is linked to a fault in the water filter itself. In that case, it is possible that it is time to replace it with a new one to return to having the expected benefits of these devices.

water pressure

Along with the above, another key factor is the water pressure. Although there may be changes according to each case, the truth is that the pressure standard tends to be 65 PSI (which means "pounds per square inch"). Based on this, the water pressure in the shower should be kept constant each time it is used.

Sometimes, you can see a change in the water pressure that has nothing to do with the filter, but with a problem in the home's water network. To check if this is the case, what you should do is go to other taps in the bathroom and kitchen to see if the water comes out normally. If so, we may be facing a problem in the operation of the filter.

Before deciding to replace it, what we recommend is to periodically check that the filter fits well in the shower faucets. If all these factors occur, this will mean that it is time to change the filter for a new one. In the event that, in addition, this change occurs at the same time that they are 6 months old, it may be the expected sign.

Frequent service flow

Finally, another of the factors that should be paid attention to to see if it is time to change the water filter, is the frequent service flow. However, this will depend in particular on the filter model used in the shower.

In this last point it is recommended to verify the use that is recommended in the user manual of each filter. Based on this, it should be analyzed how many people are using the filter in the house, since excessive use can promote filter wear before the estimated time.

The benefits of changing the water filter

We have previously seen how often you have to change the water filter and what signs, in addition to age, can indicate that it is time to do so. Now, we are going to tell you about the benefits you can get from replacing your hard water shower filter with a new one.

  1. Prevents the skin from becoming dry

Although the skin will not dry out in a single use without a filter or with a filter in poor condition, this is something that can start to happen. By renewing the filter, the health and well-being of the skin continues to be sought, since a filter in good condition is what will reduce the contaminants that cause redness and dryness of the skin, thanks to absorbing chlorine and other sediments.

  1. Avoid discomfort in the eyes

We have previously said that a filter in good condition is responsible for absorbing chlorine and prevents it from reaching the skin. As chlorine can have many negative effects on the eyes, changing the filter is what will allow the health of these to remain optimal and that vision is not affected by bacteria that are in the water.

  1. Prevents hair from becoming damaged and weak

Finally, thanks to filtering the polluting components that are negative for the skin, the protection of the hair is also continued. In this way, it is avoided that it can be damaged by re-exposing it to showers with chlorine or other components that alter the natural oils of the hair. It also maintains the protection of the keratin of the hair, which is responsible for maintaining its shine and natural softness.

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