Filtering the Chlorine from your House in Panama, Where do I start?

Filtrando el Cloro de tu Casa en Panamá, ¿Por dónde Comienzo?

Frequently, when talking about chlorine, it tends to be related only to that product that is placed in swimming pools to keep them clean. However, this is a product that has a much more widespread role at the social level, being present in the public supply water that reaches people's homes. Therefore, below, we are going to tell you what you should know about this chemical product and the results that you can obtain by filtering chlorine for greater well-being and care for your health and that of your family.

Chlorine and its role in water

The first thing we can say is that, although today there is talk about the importance of filtering chlorine from your home - and we'll see why - this is a product that is essential in the treatment of domestic water. This is because, without it, it would not be possible to have drinking water today.

Chlorine is a powerful oxidant that currently has one of the greatest disinfecting actions for its application in water. It is a chemical compound that, in addition to this capacity, is economical when compared to other similar alternatives for water treatment.

Its main objective and the one that completely governs its use has to do with eliminating the microorganisms present in the water, making it suitable for consumption and for different uses that we humans, as well as animals, give it; for example, to wash, water the plants, bathe pets, among others.

The use of chlorine is not something recent, contrary to this, it has been implemented for a long time. Pasteur, in 1880 already informed about the organisms that could transmit diseases through water. Subsequently, around the 20th century, the conclusion was reached that the cloudiness of the water was not something that should generate concern only in aesthetic terms, but that it could have great negative consequences for people. This is how chlorine was reached as an alternative to reduce the epidemic outbreaks that occurred at that time. In addition, its use as a disinfectant for drinking water officially began in 1908 in New Jersey.

The chlorine in your house is also important

Based on the aspects mentioned above and on the different investigations that were carried out over time, chlorine became a component of strict use for the purification of the water that reaches homes in different parts of the world. Therefore, what can be said is that even if it is not added personally as in the case of the pool, the water that reaches the homes must always contain chlorine, without exception.

For this reason, an error that is frequently observed and that causes concern has to do with the installation by the users themselves of systems that prevent chlorine from entering the home. This is a mistake because chlorine is the only one capable of completely eliminating harmful microorganisms that may be in the water.

In this sense, now that more and more reference is being made to the risks of chlorine to people's health, it is not a question of completely avoiding chlorine in the home's mains water, but of incorporating devices that work by filtering chlorine just before it comes into contact with the skin. In this way, clean and healthy water can be maintained, suitable for human use and consumption, but filtered at the exact moment that it is necessary.

Filtering chlorine from your home: why is it important?

We have already seen that chlorine is an excellent chemical to eliminate microorganisms and pathogens in general that circulate in water. However, although it is essential to effectively obtain drinking water, the truth is that it does not present benefits for the health and well-being of people when they come into contact with it constantly.

Taking into account that chlorine is a strong oxidant that is capable of oxidizing microorganisms and eliminating them, it must be kept in mind that human beings could be defined as macroorganisms. For this reason, although it is true that the permitted amounts of chlorine cannot cause such great damage, constant exposure can end up leading to problems with the skin, hair, nails, eyes and also in the respiratory tract when vaporized.

For this reason, although it is true that the best option will always be that there is chlorine in the water that reaches the home, the systems that work by filtering the chlorine in your home are equally essential. They are the ones that will keep the water clean and drinkable, but at the same time they will prevent chlorine from coming into contact with the skin or the respiratory tract, in order to keep people away from the health effects that contact with this chemical implies.

In this way, the quality of water that is needed in the domestic network is maintained, while avoiding the harmful effects that chlorine can have once humans come into contact with it for a long time.

How can chlorine be filtered?

Today, thanks to technological advances and a growing interest on the part of companies in offering alternatives to people that allow them to access the healthiest form of water, filtering chlorine in your home is very simple and can be done at low cost and in just a few steps. What it is about is the incorporation of filters that are specific for it.

Filters for drinking water are something that has been spreading for a long time in different parts of the world. But the kitchen faucet is not the only place where it is possible to install a filter. It must be borne in mind that the shower is a space in which people tend to spend a lot of time and use it very frequently. For this reason, placing filters in this area of ​​the house to prevent chlorine from coming into contact with the skin and hair is very important. In addition, it is essential to remember that hot water can cause chlorine to vaporize and enter through the respiratory tract, causing significant damage. This last aspect must be taken into account, since the elderly and children are the ones who are most likely to be affected by vaporized chlorine.

Currently, it is possible to choose between different types of filters. The most complete are those that have several filtration phases, which allows them to retain and eliminate different components and chemicals that can circulate through the water, from lime and sand to chlorine and chlorine, among others. Filters such as those offered by Sanaté have more than 14 phases, which makes them one of the most complete on the market to ensure that the water that reaches people's skin is as purified and healthy as possible for use by all household members.

The benefits of incorporating a shower filter

In this sense, placing a shower filter is something that is also growing in popularity, with more and more people realizing the importance that this device has for health care. It is essential for skin care, which tends to be dry and affected by contact with chlorine, while it contributes substantially to hair care, since hair can lose shine, strength and softness as a result of frequent use of chlorine in the shower.

Also, considering that chlorine can affect the eyes and respiratory tract, placing a shower filter is a way to maintain the best possible state of health in these aspects. This is useful both for people who have some kind of special skin sensitivity or predisposition to respiratory problems, as well as for those who are not in any of these groups but want to take care of themselves and keep their skin, hair, nails and eyes in the best possible condition.

If you are looking to incorporate good water filters for the shower in your home, at Sanaté we are here to help you. We are a company that emerged with the vision of promoting a solution to the problems generated by the poor condition in which water reaches homes and different establishments in the country. For this reason, filters were created that facilitate access to water free of toxic chemicals, in order to enjoy it in its natural state, as contemplated by nature. They are filters that you can place on your own without the need for knowledge or special tools, likewise, you can change them in a practical and simple way. Contact us! And buy products of the best quality.

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