Best shower water filter in Panama

Mejor filtro para agua de la ducha en Panamá

You have probably seen on more than one occasion that many homes have water filters for the shower. These have become more and more popular over time, due to the benefits they offer. However, the truth is that not all filters are equally good for all cases. Therefore, below, we are going to tell you what the best water filter should be like and what to take into account when choosing it.

Is it important to have water filters in Panama?

The chlorination, cleaning and disinfection process that is carried out in the water treatment companies is what enables homes in all parts of the world to access water that can be ingested and used for other uses such as showering.

However, with the passage of time, concern began to spread regarding the role that the chemicals used in said sanitation may have on the health and well-being of people. From there, various studies have emerged about the negative consequences of permanent contact of the human body with chemical substances such as chlorine and others that are used in these processes. Along with this, the shower is the place where people are most exposed to these chemicals and pollutants.

For this reason, water filters in Panama and in other parts of the world appear as a solution. They allow the necessary processes of sanitizing the water that reaches homes to continue, while eliminating chlorine, other chemicals and also contaminants before the water leaves the shower tap and comes into contact with the human body. In this way, the health and well-being of people is protected, achieving clean but also natural and healthy water.

What is a water filter and how does it work?

Taking what was mentioned before, we can say that a shower water filter is a device that is made up of calcium sulfite pellets and other components, aimed at retaining chlorine particles and other chemicals that circulate through the water when it reaches the shower. They are placed directly in the tube of the same, filtering the water when the tap is opened and causing the water that comes out to be free of said chemicals.

To understand this a bit better, a shower filter connects to the shower faucet. This and its different filtration phases are what makes it possible to filter more than 98%+ of the chlorine and chemicals present in the water. This, from a system that is easy to install and that can be done by the user alone, without the need to go to a specialist and without tools or specific knowledge of plumbing.

Qualities of the best water filter and how to choose it

We have previously said that the water filter is an increasingly essential component in homes. However, not all filters have the same features and benefits, nor do they work equally well on all faucets. Therefore, it is important to choose properly in order to have the best water filter that can solve all the needs of the family and offer clean water and in perfect conditions of use.

Various stages of filtration

One of the keys to take into account when choosing the best home water filter has to do with the filtration phases. When we talk about phases, we are referring to the components that the filter incorporates and that are oriented to retain and work with a type of chemical or contaminant in each case. So while the sand filter can prevent large sediment from entering the shower head, calcium sulfite reduces chlorine concentration and vitamin C removes chlorine from the water.

Therefore, as the filter adds several filtration phases, each of them will be destined to absorb a particular component and in a specific way. By combining them all together in the same device, the phases allow the filter to get us as close as possible to perfectly clean, healthy and natural water.

Easy installation

Although it can be seen as a secondary issue, the truth is that the best water filter is also the one with the easiest installation. That is, an installation that does not require specialists or professional tools to do so.

It must be taken into account that, in order for it to continue giving the best results, the water filter must be changed within approximately 6 months. Therefore, the simpler the installation, the easier it will be for the user to make the change when it is necessary.

Suitable for shower capacity

Before proceeding to buy the best water filter, it is important to keep in mind the type of shower in which it will be placed and its capacity. In this way, it will be possible to find the most suitable option for the case. The number of people who live in the house and, therefore, who use the shower will also be taken into account.

The latter has to do with the fact that the amount of use given to the shower will influence the most appropriate type of filter for each case. If the demand is very high, the wear of the filter can be accelerated, so that it will be necessary to change it more frequently.

trusted company

Finally, to have peace of mind about the filter you are buying, it is very important to go to companies that are serious and reliable. It is also essential that they have a good reputation and that they form part of international water associations, having a commitment to caring for it for people.

An example of this is Sanaté, which stands out for its corporate social responsibility. Sanaté collects two pounds for every one pound of product sold, in conjunction with the MiMar movement.

Get to know Sanaté: water filters in Panama

Now that we have seen what the best water filter should have, we want to tell you about the company that currently leads this sector, offering the best water filters in Panama: Sanaté.

Sanaté is a company that emerged with the vision of promoting a solution to the problems generated by the poor state in which water reaches homes and different establishments. In this way, filters were generated that facilitate access to water free of toxic chemicals, in order to enjoy it in its natural state, as contemplated by nature. The motto is to improve people's health one shower at a time.

Something that explains from its origins is that water is not negative for people's health, quite the contrary. The problem does not lie in it, but in the chemicals that are added to it for cleaning. For a long time, in Panama, adding chlorine has been the most used method to disinfect the water that reaches people's homes. For this reason, what Sanaté promotes is that it is not about reducing the use of water, but about using filters that can reduce and eliminate contaminants and chemicals from the shower, thus obtaining all the benefits of clean and toxic-free showers.

Why choose Sanate filters?

Sanaté has specialized in the manufacture of filters that can offer the maximum benefit to the users who use them. Therefore, some of the reasons to choose them are:

  • Take care of the skin
  • Sanaté's water filters in Panama have a technology of more than 14 filtration layers, which make the water that comes into contact with the skin clean and free of chemicals and other contaminants that can circulate through the water. Therefore, the changes in the sensations of the skin can be noticed from the first day of use, because the dryness caused by chlorine and other chemicals will be avoided.

  • Save
  • An indirect consequence of not using filters has to do with a greater need for the use of skin and hair care products to counteract the effects of polluted water. Permanent contact with chlorine and other chemicals lead to damaged skin and the need for supplements to recover its health and normal aesthetics.

    Therefore, when a water filter is implemented, the skin and hair remain healthier. This leads to a lower amount of care products that must be used, promoting economic savings.

  • conscientious consumption
  • Finally, when you start looking for the best water filter, as is the case with Sanaté, people begin to become aware of the importance of chemical-free water when bathing and also when consuming it. This also leads to information regarding the different products that are implemented for the sanitation of the water network in the place of residence.

    For this reason, another of the benefits implied in its installation has to do with a greater awareness regarding the water situation and what this implies. It leads people to take a more active role in caring for their own health and that of their loved ones.

    We are Sanaté , a certified and experienced company that can offer you the best shower water filter in Panama. Our water filtration processes seek that in your home you can enjoy a healthier shower for your skin and that of your family. Contact us! and give your loved ones the possibility of a more pleasant bath free of contaminants.

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