What are shower water filters used for?

¿Para qué sirven los filtros para agua de la ducha?

Generally, when you think about the use and consumption of water, you tend to associate it with a healthy activity. However, the truth is that today the water that reaches people's homes is completely stripped of the way it was conceived by nature, due to the chemicals that are applied to it as treatment.

These chemicals themselves have a considerable negative impact on people's health and well-being, affecting both skin, hair and eyes, and are generally detrimental to human health.

In this context, shower water filters appear as an indispensable solution in the current time. They are accessible devices that are placed in showers and that allow the water that reaches people's skin to be free of said toxic agents. With this in mind, we are going to tell you what shower water filters are for and what benefits they provide.

What comes into the house along with the water?

When we open the taps in the house, both in the shower and in those from which water is drawn to drink, we generally do not know what is coming into the house. Water in its natural state is a liquid substance without odor or color, or any kind of taste, and is composed solely of hydrogen and oxygen. However, the truth is that these are not the characteristics of the water that reaches people's homes on a daily basis.

In order for the water to reach cities and homes, it passes through rivers, aquifers and distribution pipes. During this course, the water receives different potentially toxic components. On the other hand, we find elements that are particles suspended in the environment and that end up in the water. And finally, we find the chemical compounds that are added to the water in the purification plants.

In the latter case, these chemical compounds are the ones that eliminate pathogens that could cause infections. Although there are other alternatives that could be implemented, the truth is that today worldwide, these compounds are the ones that are used to eliminate these pathogens. However, these chemicals are also unhealthy for people who are exposed to them every day, through drinking water and also through showering.

Meet the chlorine

One of the star components in this sense is the well-known chlorine. Chlorine is not only a component that people buy in stores and consciously add to swimming pools, but it is also present in the water that reaches the home's water network and, therefore, in the shower and taps in the house in general.

Despite what is usually believed, the truth is that chlorine is one of the most toxic elements in nature, as well as being the most reactive. The latter means that it not only generates consequences in the organism, but also by-products are produced as a consequence of these reactions when coming into contact with organic matter, such as combined chlorine or chloramines. It must be taken into account that, different from what is usually said, the reality is that chlorine does not smell. The smell occurs as a consequence of the reaction of chlorine with other materials.

From the above mentioned it can be deduced that chlorine has negative effects on health. Showering and drinking water that comes into homes with chlorine can risk damaging hair, skin and nails, and can have long-term negative consequences on the overall health of the body.

Meet the fluorine

Another of the chemicals present in the water in Panama is fluoride. It is a component with a very strong and unpleasant odor that tends to be somewhat heavier than air and is harmful to health. In countries like China and India, a relationship has been found between the presence of fluoride in the water and an increased risk of suffering bone fractures.

Fluoride in water has also been found to be capable of causing cardiovascular problems, thyroid dysfunction, high blood pressure, joint and bone conditions, and also neurological problems. This, mainly for cases in which there is frequent consumption of water with fluoride, such as through the kitchen tap.

What happens to the skin during the shower?

Now that we have seen the components that come along with the water, it is time to clarify what happens to the skin when you shower in these conditions. It should be taken into account that the skin is the largest organ in the body, with a pH that is usually around 5.5. Meanwhile, the pH of the shower water is usually at 7. This means that the skin's pH may be altering every day, which can cause resentment in its defense system, generating consequences such as dryness, injuries, abnormalities or atopic dermatitis problems.


In a study published in the American Chemical Society by Professor Ernest Blatchley, it was stated that chloramines are highly toxic compounds that are inhaled by people along with the vapors generated in the shower. In this way, it was shown that these can also cause lung and bronchitis problems, while it was observed that they can promote asthmatic episodes in children. In addition, it was considered that in the long term these can cause neuronal and cardiac damage.

Certainly, these are the most dangerous aspects that can be observed from permanent contact with these toxins as a result of showering. In the short and medium term, other visible symptoms are observed, such as dry skin, hair loss and dryness, eye irritation, nail problems, among other things.

What are shower water filters used for?

Now that we have seen the main consequences of permanent contact with these chemicals and in particular with the chlorine that reaches the home's water network, shower water filters appear to be an essential solution in this regard. These are placed in the shower and go to work immediately removing chlorine, heavy metals, rust, organochlorine compounds and mechanical particles.

In this way, the immediate effect of shower water filters has to do with significantly improving the quality of water, making it much healthier for people and without negative consequences like the ones mentioned above. This has visible effects such as skin free of dryness and redness related to water, stronger, healthier and shinier hair, stronger nails, among other things. In short, it can be said that shower water filters allow users to enjoy a chlorine-free bath, which means that there will be no adverse effects on the respiratory system, no allergic reactions, and no adverse effects on the mucous membranes of the body.

On the other hand, we can highlight a benefit that has nothing to do with health but with the economy. And it is that shower water filters help save money on shampoos, soaps and shower gels, since these are not essential to take care of the skin from polluting agents; In other words, if you shower with cleaner water like the one provided by the filters, you will have to use fewer products that counteract the negative effect of contaminated water.

Who can benefit from the use of filters in the shower?

Considering the direct effects that shower water filters have on health, we can say that all people can obtain great benefits as a result of their use. In any case, there are certain cases in which the positive effects of its incorporation are even more noticeable. One of those cases is that of people with sensitive skin, who tend to present reactions more frequently when they come into contact with chlorine and other components. We are talking in this case about people who are prone to allergic reactions and have respiratory problems or redness on the skin.

On the other hand, children are other great beneficiaries of the placement of shower water filters. The skin tends to be much more sensitive and allergic during childhood. In addition, considering that chlorine and other components present in water can be dangerous to health, children may be even more sensitive to this, and may suffer great long-term consequences from using showers without filters.

In this sense, both people with sensitive skin and children and people predisposed to infections, allergic reactions and respiratory problems, are the ones who can obtain the greatest benefits from installing shower water filters in their homes. This will represent protection and also the peace of mind of knowing that the shower will be a pleasant and self-care moment and not a risky situation.

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