Why does the water smell? Details to avoid problems with hair and skin

¿Por qué huele el agua? Detalles para evitar problemas con el cabello y la piel

The water supply companies use advanced technological processes so that the water reaches homes, companies and -in general- the purest possible, this does not mean that their methodologies are infallible and purify it 100%, in other words, it cannot be completely ensured that it is free of microorganisms that can affect human health, cause skin or hair problems.

On many occasions, water generates an odor and it is due to different variables. Among the most frequent are that the liquid, when passing through supplies, pipes and industrial-level facilities, is impregnated with some components that cause aromas, in addition -as mentioned- microorganisms may arrive that give it a particular taste or smell.

It must also be understood that the treatment plants use chemicals and processes that alter its essence in some way and generate a smell in the water, added to the entire journey they make to the keys. In these routes, the water is exposed to different materials such as rust that can alter it. To all this we must add that when it comes from the water tanks there are other causes that affect it, for example, it can have rested for a few days, causing other elements to come into contact with it and leave changes in the aroma. Sometimes tanks are found that have not been washed and have mold that is beginning to build up.

When the water from an aqueduct is resting in a pond or reservoir, some plants, herbs or algae are born on its banks or bottoms, so it is not unusual for it to generate particular odors, which leads to another point; These herbs can go through a process of decomposition, leaving an unpleasant fragrance in the liquid that people feel when they turn on the tap to wash the dishes, shower, or even wash their hands or face.

Attention! It must be clarified that an odor does not mean that the water is contaminated, nor does it mean that it is not usable for cooking, drinking, bathing or cleaning the face and hands, simply the necessary precautions must be taken.

Why do you have to be careful?

As an old saying goes: “Health comes first”. To protect yourself and avoid diseases, it is better to prevent, since the fungi, bacteria or parasites that can become concentrated in the water affect human health by generating infections, attacking the immune and digestive systems and by having contact with the body, irritating the skin and damaging the hair.

Even, depending on the level of bacteria, the damage that occurs could be similar to minor burns, but they are still painful and nothing positive for skin care and health.

Water with a strong odor should be taken as a precautionary sign, since if it is -effectively- contaminated, its consumption could be serious and there is a risk of generating health problems or diseases such as scabies or acarosis (mites), leading to intense itching, which is contagious and puts all household members at risk. Having contact with or drinking stagnant or tank water that contains fungi generates fungal infections, which spread to the skin surface, also leaving itchy, dry skin and damaging the scalp. Similarly, the appearance of blackheads and pimples can be associated with the use of water that is not suitable for skin care.

How to prevent?

Washing the tanks or wells of homes and residential complexes in the time stipulated by the authorities is the first step to prevent odor in the water or contamination with various particles. These disinfections will remove the layers of earth that are concentrating

If the smell in the water is very strong, one of the best alternatives is to boil it; This is a process that allows the liquid to be cleaned from bacteria, mold and algae, among others. The ideal is to put it in a pot at a high temperature for at least 15 minutes, either for bathing, cleaning hair, cooking or eating.

In the same way, the filtering methods are diverse and effective, the essence is about having a filter that separates the microorganisms from the water, most of them are simple to implement. It must be remembered that the filters must be changed every certain time so that their percentage of efficiency does not decrease.

They exist in various materials such as carbon, ceramic, sand and cloth (the most common); To eliminate what has to do with the smell in the water, the most recommended is activated carbon, in addition to counteracting the chlorine in the water and unpleasant flavors. Activated carbon attracts polluting and chemical molecules and that is why they are trapped in a carbon filter, but it is a process that is more recommended by experts when it comes to water that will be used to wash food or ingest.

Another alternative is filter jugs, with an average capacity of between two and five liters. When used, it is necessary to change the filter every month and wash the container when it is empty.

Filters in the showers

Just as boiling water is very effective in purifying water for cooking or drinking, shower filters are an excellent solution for taking care of the skin and face when bathing. For example, thanks to their technological systems they minimize the amount of chlorine in the water, protecting the skin, face and hair from continuous and excessive exposure to water that is not 100% drinkable, avoiding generating dermatitis or harming the body and -in general- health.

By protecting itself from different agents and purifying the water, the pH of the skin is protected, making it healthier, leaving it softer and more nourished. This, although it is not believed, influences having a healthier scalp. In young children the benefit is even greater, since their skin at an early age is more sensitive and contact with certain products ends up becoming chronic problems.

Everything does not end there, the filters for showers, in addition to reducing or eliminating chlorine from water, achieve that, when people shower with hot water, the steam does not have harmful particles that, when inhaled, cause damage to the respiratory system, especially when there are people with medical predispositions such as bronchitis, asthma or Acute Respiratory Infections (ARI).

Do your eyes burn when bathing? It is always better to schedule a medical visit. Now, if you already have a detected medical condition, the cleaner the water, the chances of worsening symptoms decrease, especially in vision care, one of the most sensitive senses.

By acquiring a shower filter you protect your hair, skin and health, the best thing is that you will not have to think about looking for someone to install it, since leaving it running is very easy and it does not take more than 30 seconds to put its three parts. The options that Sanaté has are of high quality and with high efficiency. With these products you are able to discover the power of water in its natural state! You also don't have to worry if the filters are compatible, since they are all standard for all types of showers.

Don't hesitate any longer! Enjoy more than 14 levels of filtration that ensure the best and most complete water purification. There is no reason to expose the skin, face or health. Water in its purest state is the best ally.


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