What should my shower water purifying filter have?

¿Qué debe tener mi filtro purificador de agua para la ducha?

Water is a vital element for all living beings on the planet. In the case of human beings, it has functions that go beyond keeping organisms hydrated, in addition to this, it also cleanses, relaxes, refreshes and cares for the body in such a way that it generates total well-being for those who use this precious liquid; The best example of this positive impact of water on the body is precisely a bath. However, the components that are added to the water make it not always healthy and require the help of ecological shower water filters.

What must be taken into account is that, many times, the water that reaches homes and that people use for showering and other uses is full of contaminants. But not only that, because it also tends to be full of chemical products that are used in purification with the specific purpose of making the water healthy and without bacteria that are harmful to health.

However, both drinking and permanent contact with water that contains chemicals can end up having negative repercussions on people's health and well-being. This is why ecological water filters have been gaining more and more popularity over time and have become essential elements in all homes when you want to protect the health and integrity of all the people in the house.

What are ecological shower water filters for?

As its name implies, ecological water filters are devices that are placed on the shower head to filter the water that comes out and that comes into contact with the skin when the tap is turned on. Something very important to understand is that these are not filters that prevent water with chlorine or sanitizing chemicals from reaching the home, but filters it before it reaches the human skin, at the time of opening the tap to take a bath.

The usefulness of ecological shower water filters has to do, especially, with the fact that in places like Panama and other parts of the world the water that reaches homes through the network tends to have a high chlorine content. This is because, for a long time, this has been one of the most important ingredients when it comes to making water drinkable and sanitizing, looking for people to access healthier water.

Along with this, the water that reaches homes in Panama also has fluoride. Various studies have reported an increase in the risk of suffering bone fractures due to frequent exposure to this component, such as taking a shower. Allergic skin reactions have also been detected even in cases of brief exposures and an increase in hair loss and dryness.

For this reason, when the water comes out of the tap and comes into contact with the skin, hair or eyes, all the chemicals contained in it are absorbed by the body. This occurs not only by absorption through the skin, but also by inhalation of chlorine vapors that arise when hot water is used. For this reason, what the filter does is exactly retain the chlorine in the device after the shower tap is opened, preventing it from reaching people and from coming into contact with the skin or being vaporized.

The particularities that good ecological water filters must have

Now that we have seen the importance that ecological shower water filters have in the life and health of people, it is time to talk about what a good filter should have. It must be taken into account that, according to the company that manufactures them, each filter is different and offers various advantages and ways of operating.

In the case of Sanaté, the company offers the best shower filters in Panama. These are made with the most advanced filter media, with more than 14 layers of filtration. In this way and working together, these layers significantly reduce all the sediments, hard minerals and toxic chemicals that are present in the water and that end up having a negative impact on the health of the skin, hair, nails and even the eyes and respiratory system.

How are Sanaté shower water filters made?

With the objective of providing people with shower water that is healthier and that is as close as possible to the way it was intended by nature, Sanaté's ecological water filters incorporate different layers with specific materials that play a particular role . In combination, these layers prevent all the waste, contaminants and toxic chemicals in the water from reaching people once they turn on the tap to take a shower.

Sanaté is also characterized by its commitment to water quality, forming part of associations for its care. This commitment includes its Corporate Social Responsibility policies, such as the collection of two pounds for every one pound of product sold, in conjunction with the MiMar Movement.

The components of these filters are:

  • Sand filter:
  • It is responsible for directly blocking the entry of large sediments such as sand and lime into the filtration shower head.

  • Stainless steel mesh:
  • It deals with capturing medium-sized sediments that may circulate in the water that seeks to come out of the tap.

  • Microporous PP cotton:
  • It is responsible for trapping small sediments, dust and other unhealthy elements in the water.

  • Average redox:
  • It reduces incrustations and also the presence of chlorine in the water, which is one of the most toxic elements.

  • Calcium Sulfite:
  • Reduces the concentration of chlorine along with the previous one, with the particularity that it reduces it in both cold and hot water.

    Reasons to incorporate these shower filters in your home

    We have previously seen the consequences of permanent contact with chlorinated water and other sanitizing chemicals on the skin and how ecological shower water filters contribute, through their components and characteristics, to avoiding this situation and offering people healthier water when taking a shower. Now, we are going to mention some reasons that you should take into account to also add this filter in your home.

    Healthy and revitalizing showers

    Once you become aware of the different toxic chemicals and pollutants that circulate in the water, bath time, which should be a relaxing space to rest and enjoy, can end up being somewhat stressful. For this reason, one of the reasons to add this filter to the shower at home has to do with being able to have the peace of mind that you are using water that is healthy, that it is clean and that it will not have negative consequences on the health and appearance of the skin of all family members.

    On the other hand, studies have shown a relationship between permanent contact with chlorine and fatigue. For this reason, avoiding this contact is a way of making the shower a revitalizing moment and preventing it from having negative repercussions on the energy one has to face the tasks of daily life, such as work, study or caring for the home.

    Smoother, healthier skin

    Like an organ, the skin must be protected from agents that may be harmful to it. In addition, removing chemicals that can be detrimental to the health and well-being of the skin is an effective way to achieve smoother, dry-free and fully hydrated skin.

    For this reason, together with the use of creams and other cosmetic products that help care for it, removing chlorine and chemicals from the water before they come into contact with the body is an effective way of contributing to the beauty and health of the skin.

    avoid dandruff

    Dandruff is a problem that many people suffer from at different times in life and it is often difficult to identify what is causing it. Although it is not the only reason, the truth is that permanent contact with chlorinated water and other chemicals can contribute to its appearance. In addition, they are chemicals that have a direct impact, generating dryness in the hair, reducing its softness and natural shine.

    In this sense, using ecological shower water filters is one of the best ways to combat dandruff and contribute, at the same time, to stronger, healthier and more beautiful hair.

    healthy eyes

    In the same way that happens when people go to swimming pools with chlorine, the truth is that the excess of this component in the shower water can end up generating a red-eye effect. This not only causes irritation that can be seen with the naked eye, but can also end up causing eye fatigue and general discomfort.

    For this reason, using ecological water filters is also a way to take care of the health and well-being of the eyes and protect eyesight in general. Thus, you will be contributing to eye health in a significant way.

    At Sanaté we have filters of the highest quality that are designed to properly purify the shower water that reaches your home. Our products are made with durable materials that will not rust or wear out in a short time, so you will be sure to make an investment that is worth it. contact us! and give your family the chance to enjoy each bath.

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